My pomodoro clock is just working as it should but it can't pass the tests

Hello guys!
I am stuck in Pomodoro clock app challenge for the front end libraries certification.
I can’t figure out where is the bug.

here is the link to my Project:

there are total of 29 tests
and you are passing only 19

it passed 25 tests and the rest which is not passing is stilll working fine.


Hmmm that’s confusing…

When you increment\decriment session length it swaps to “MM min” format, it should stay showing it in “MM:SS”

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Line 230:

document.getElementById("time-left").innerText = `${this.state.sessionlength} min`;  

You should not do something like that in react.
Just change state.time that gets passed to that component.

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Thanks that helped…
But only 1 test is not passing can you find that bug as well.

Comon mate, you already acknowledged that you should not use manual DOM manipulations in react app, but still ask for help before fixing it.
Comment out those lines:
138 143 188 202 216 230 247
After then run tests.
After that come back to them and redo in react way, and all your problems are solved.