My Pomodoro Clock project

Good morning everyone! I’ve just finished the Pomodoro Clock project and I’d love for anyone who has a moment to take a look and let me know their thoughts. Critiques are welcome as always, as although I’m happy my finished product, I know there are things I could have done better or differently. I’m always interested to hear what the community has to say.

CodePen: My Pomodoro Clock project

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Looks nice and works well, I like the pie, although personally, I’d prefer if it got larger over time :smiley:
The only thing I miss is a way to pause the timer in case I get interrupted, maybe by clicking on the clock while it’s running.

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Thanks for your input. I agree with needing a pause functionality, and to be honest, that’s bugging me as well. I did have pause functionality before, and what really happened is that the code to toggle the timer on and off resets the timer so when you clicked again to unpause, it started over. I’m still trying to figure out how to refactor that and make it work, but for now, it was cleaner to just disable pausing altogether.

EDIT: OK, I moved a couple of lines around, and the pause functionality works again. If you click the timer, it’ll pause.