My Portfolio - moving text without moving BG image

So as the title says I am currently working on my portfolio. I am having having problem with just my first page. so first off here is my codepen: so my problem is I would like to move my text for my “title page” lower down but when I have been attempting to it lowers the image with it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

in your CSS “block” class set the top padding to be bigger. Something like 100px?

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Add some id to your name.

 <div class="pageOne">  
  <div id="heroname" class="text-center block">       
    <h1 class="whiteFont" >Blake Chislette</h1>
    <h3 class="whiteFont">Amatuer Coder</h3>

then in your CSS, move the div

  padding-top: 300px;


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Thanks so much this was exactly what I needed. It worked perfectly

I believe adding margin-top 300px to your h1 would work also.