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@sriaman you have a very nice portfolio page, i a m also workin on mine as well can you please tell how to get a screen short link?

Good job!

In my opinion, the page will look way better if the images on the Responsive Web Design Projects section had the same size.

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Here is my opinion -

  1. The images except the projects don’t load for me. That might be a CodePen problem cos the images load perfectly when opened individually.

  2. Size of the images of the projects you have done should be same.

  3. Also, the increasing size of the icons when hovered at the bottom of the webpage makes other icons to behave improperly.

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@Tchoukoualeu hi i am also working to my portfolio page but i m stuck on how to a get a link of a screen short can you please Guide me.

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I do not thing I got your question right.

  1. If you mean, “How to you create screenshots?”
    I am using Snipping Tool on windows computer 10. Just search for the application on your windows computer (if you happen to be working on one).

  2. If you mean. “How do I upload a picture online and use it in my project?”
    I upload my pictures here:, grab the link to the pictures and use them in my project.

PS. You can also use the PrintScreen button on your keyboard, paste the picture in Paint, crop the picture and use it as a screenshot of your project. but this option is too tedious as compared to using Snipping Tools

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@Tchoukoualeu i know how to do printScreen and crop it in paint but i want to use a link of that screen short i have croped in my project but i dont know where to find it

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Then use the option 2 I provided above.

Upload the image online, grab the link, and use it in your project.

thanks a lot for the Guidance

i just downloaded project related image regarding and upload it

@sriaman host your portfolio on GitHub and I will submit a PR which you can review.

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