My Portfolio Page at GithubPages

Hi everyone!!
It is been a while until I could manage to put up my portfolio challenge at Github Pages, which I recommend.
First of all I have to tell you that using bootstrap was a little pain though it has been a nice solution to structure the pages without using boxes.
Second of all, when I tried to copy the code to codepen, I got to a point where I was wondering where to put the local images, a thing that it is impossible to do in Codepen.

Finally I discover Github Pages where I have set my portfolio page. It has been a good learning because I have learn aswell all the Github system. I do recommend to start using it.

You can have a look at

If you don’t mind I would appreciate very much some feedback.

Thanks a lot!!!

Looks great! Awesome font, I wonder what it is.

Some small notes

  • I see you’re using a Bootstrap navbar. If you want the buttons on the navbar to highlight as the user scrolls the page, you can use scrollspy.
  • 404 on the tribute link
  • Title of the page is just “Document”. You can set that with <title>
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Thanks a lot Vakio!!!
by the way is “Prompt” from google fonts.
I have reviwed averything except the scrollspy, I will leave it for a more advance moment.

When i move mouse a little right off the portfolio or tribute image it still remains clickable. You may want to fix that. Have fun

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@luisde2001 The profile looks nice. A suggestion, all of your A tags don’t have TITLE attributes. It’s important all A tags have TITLE attributes and all IMG tags have ALT and TITLE (for Firefox) attributes. This will help your visitors who are using screen readers. It’s good practice to ensure your webpages are accessibility compliant.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview

Interactive Accessibility

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Looks nice!
Your navbar isn’t collapsible whenever the browser is narrow or it might just be my Google Chrome’s issue?