My Portfolio Page - Feedback Please

Here is my portfolio page. portfolio. Please let me know what you think.

Very impressive. The layout is very visually attractive. Nice use of the icons.
However, some minor changes need to be made.
I am viewing this using FireFox and the area to the right of the about me section only contains a circle with a green border. No photograph.
The font color of the caption does not contrast with the background, making it very hard to see.
Finally down in the contact area I believe that you misspelled employer.

I thought I fixed that employer typo. Well it is fixed now. How do I make it work in other browsers? It works in IE, edge and chrome.

I believe the problem of no photograph is attributed to the
When I put that in the browser address bar it gives error 404 Not Found.
This error occurs in both FireFox & Chrome.
Also noticed the tic-tac-toe does not present properly in FireFox.
I think you are going to have to research workarounds for FireFox.
I don’t have simple fix.

The link should work in chrome. It works on my neighbors computer in chrome. I’m going to have to figure out how to detect firefox, then pop up a message that says stop using a dying browser.