My Portfolio Page - Some Feedback Folks!


Thank you for paying for checking on this message. Kindly check out my project here for some feedback @Jerami, @pleeseno .

I acknowledge Online Web Ustaad for the great inspiration of this project. Thank you so much…


you did great work @bmutebi your page is very good
i like it so much
you gave me a lot of ideas for my portfolio page :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Great job @bmutebi! Congratulations!

One thing I noticed: your links in the footer aren’t working properly. Make sure you check the urls! :wink:

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You got some skills @bmutebi the only thing I would suggest not that anythings wrong but your nav section “Home” regardless of what I click or go to it is always black and the rest are black on hover but grey the rest of the time.

  • I would think it be very great if when you click on one it turns black and home turns grey, and even better
  • if it automatically turned black when you pass (or go to) a specific part of the page even without clicking it.
    Other than that it’s great keep it up, Happy Coding!

Thank you so much @ghellabsalah for the feedback…

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Thank you so much @Flopet17… I am going to work on the Twitter and Facebook link… I am sure those two I forgot to update the url


Thank you so much @Myles2… I am going to make an update reflecting the comments… Thank you for the feedback…

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Hey! This looks pretty pro, nice job!

  • I would add a responsive background image that has black as a primary color and developpement as the main theme.
  • I wouldn’t use a skillsbar like you did, they kinda mean nothing to an employer.
  • On mobile when you hover over the projects, the card that comes up has text that overflows. In desktop view, it isn’t centered.
  • On your form you have a small typo: “EMail”
  • You could work on the social media icons’ colors on hover or not put for example lightblue for twitter, blue for facebook, etc. Use the official icons too.

Keep up the good work,

  • Tech.
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Thank you so much @Tech… Truly am going to address all the possible areas in the comments. Thank you once again for your time.

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Wow, giving you a round of applause, dude! :clap::clap:

This looks really, really great! You cease to amaze! Very professional and attractive, even for only using one color! lol

I feel like once you get into JS more, you can make the skill bars a little more interactive, like when you scroll down to that section, it’ll load to its appropriate level and the percentages will count up while it loads…I saw something like that on a website once and thought it was cool haha.

Favorite part is your projects area! I wanted mine to do the same effect, but didn’t know how. And you did it without JS!

Just change “Aspiring we developer” so “Basically almost a web developer” lol

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Thank you so much dear @pleeseno. I’m so humbled. Will improve it with time after understanding JS a bit…

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