My product landing page please advice

hello this is my product landing page and i was hoping if theres any adviseon how i could improve it. Thank you

There’s a few things that could help the usability of your page:

  • Make the navbars position fixed so it scrolls down with the page and is always accessible.
  • Add some padding to the elements with text so there will be some empty space on page borders. It makes reading more pleasant with wider screens.
  • The product pictures scale a bit too much on small screens: they’re quite small although there’s plenty of space around them. Maybe you could add a media query to fix this.

So those are my few suggestions. There’s a nice, calm feeling on your page and I think that the basic structure of the page is quite good.

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  • You can add colors and style the page a bit more.
  • Add some different fonts that fit the project you have created.
  • Shrink the width of the button and input field.
  • Increase the width of the pictures of the cars, especially in mobile view.
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