Feedback for my Product Landing Page please and thanks

Hey everyone,

Here is my product page. I’d really appreciate any feedback or tips.


super clean, nice aesthetic. keep it up

Looks quite nice, I especially like that you used a semi-transparent matte under the text on the top image. One deficiency I can see is that your images lack alt attributes. Try adding those in, and you’re all set as far as technical correctness goes.

hey MadNan
Looks great :slight_smile:

Things that I’d improve:

  • Button on the top to auto scroll down, maybe bellow the “Wherever it may take you” title
  • The paragraph it’s too big and too long, you should break it down in individual paragraphs and long lines are difficult to read.
  • On the Image highlights, in the information paragraphs, start and end paddings should be bigger, as when the screen shrinks, the texts get’s glued to the limits of the container.
  • Also in the Image highlights, it would make sense to have a “More info” button on each one of them.
  • “Email us for more information” header should have a bigger top padding from the images highlight.
  • The ‘Enter Your Email’ field it’s too small, the hint text on my my screen it’s cut at “Enter your email addres”
  • The Get More Info button should be bold, as it is it’s quite small.
  • Titles and paragraphs are difficult to distinguish, you should had a bigger font size / color / weight to the titles.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hadn’t really thought about a lot of those things, but now you’ve pointed them out I can see that it will make a difference. Thank-you again

Nice job I’ll just say you should try to give you navbar a background color, so it’s stands out, from the main contents

Wow! that was impressive!!
I usually eat about $300 of food a day so rethink your pricing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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