Product Landing Page css/html DO ME A FAVOUR.CRITICIZE MY WORK PLEASE!

Hi everyone , so after working for the whole day i finally completed my product Landing page . I would appreciate anyone’s feedback , kindly visit my page .Regards

You navbar is taking up a little too much space. I can see that the logo or brand is above the nav links. Try to make them to be on the same line.

The texts that describe your items and say “animals”, “cars”, and “countries” are green and are very hard to see. Try to make them a little more visible.

Add a little bit of margin between your products, your submit button, and the email input.

Adding some padding to the sides of the page would be better. Everything seems a little “crammed up” if you know what I mean.

Overall, you did a great job. Keep it up!

great , now i can work on that to start with . Thank you

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You’re welcome. I’m always glad to give feedback.

Its a great start! Except for the things that @ConnerOw1115 already mentioned, I would make the header just a little bigger and more attention-grabbing, and make the email input form a little bigger and easier to read (the “enter your email address” gets cut off).

Color contrast is hard to get the feel for, but i would recommend this Color Contrast Checker for an easy way to find colors that will be easy enough for anyone to read, especially users with impaired vision.

One last thing: If you color your buttons, you can use lowercase letters which will give your buttons a less “aggressive” feeling while still making them easy to see.

The product landing page took me the longest to get right design-wise, but you’re almost there!


Thank you let me work on that