Provide feedback - ' Product landing page '

Hi @bluetiger1236, welcome to the forums. Your page looks good. Some things to revisit;

  • codepen provides validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the down arrow in the upper right of each section and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link
  • it’s a nit but typically, in a navbar the company logo would be on the left and links on the right
  • maybe lighten up the background. It’s dark and and your font is dark. Not a good contrast. Plus it reminds me of prison, not a page that’s trying to market a product. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • maybe make the email a required field.
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the submit button
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How about higher contrast text or larger text?

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Thanks that helped a lot :slight_smile:

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