Review and feedback on My first product Landing page

Hello everyone. This is my first go at the product landing page design.
Constructive criticism are welcome.

the red at the bottom of your page is not necessary; i can hardly see the text

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the borders are too cornerd for me, make it a bit rounded or try something else

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and your fontss, its not enticing at all; maybe its too big or too long, i dont know but i dont like it

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Yes I do feel the design is a little off-beat, I will look into all those aspects you mentioned and make it better.Thanks a lot .

Hey good job on your landing page!

Your code looks good. Your html could be cleaned up a bit with proper indentation.

The page could use a more modern look, but that is up to you. The site is not responsive, maybe you can try making it so it’s viewable and friendly on mobile.

Keep it up!

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. I got very confused while styling according to mobile. Next time I will keep my browser to minimum width and design it accordingly.
Please let me know hoe i could design into a modern look . I can use some references for further development.

You can start by doing some research on media queries and building responsive websites. I’m still in the process of learning this too.

For the modern look, i’d suggest starting off by keeping things relatively simple. Modern fonts, simple borders around boxes, color palettes that fit the accessibility guidlines, etc. Don’t go too crazy with styling at first. I think of KISS (keep it simple stupid) when things start being messy.

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Thank you so much for your valuable advice . I will keep these points in mind and work on it.