My Quiz - jQuery Quiz with Timer

Problems with responsiveness. Way to many fonts used.
Functionality wise it’s good.
I got 4/10 so I think the questions are not great to be honest.
Some are like “what would this example of bad practice result in”?.

Thank you for your valuable suggestion JohnnyBizze.

I actually liked the quiz questions. Although a few do not convey the best coding practices, they are all representative of code someone could come across and be forced to debug.

The main issue I see is the buttons overlap on a smaller screen device.

Suggestion: Since you have the previous and next question buttons, it would be nice if after the last question, there would be one final submit button, so the user could review their answers on previous questions before getting the final score. Another feature would be to display the total number of questions, so a user knows how many more they have to complete before the time runs out. You could display it as

#1 of 10
#2 of 10

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Thank you so much… Useful suggestion… will do it

Hello Sir,

Can you please add a correct and wrong answer show in next button.

Just like Next question than show the answer wrong and right than next question

Please implemented this functionality.