My Random Quote Generator - Feedback

Finally created my Random Quote Generator - I used Pure Javascript and no jQuery at all to do this one! :grinning::grin:

Planning to add a few more features late, like colour changing on nw quote button click ( You will see some JS I have started for that but will finish later as its an extra feature).

What is the purpose of gen - in the following line of code?

gen - box1.setAttribute('class', 'transition-0-5 gen-box1');

FYI - That line will not allow you change the class of the div with class=“gen-box1”. I think you meant to put gen_box1.setAttribute(‘class’, ‘transition-0-5 gen-box1’);

Thats a mistake, it should’ve been gen_box1, but that code is not being currently used.

I want to make the Generator change colours when the “New Quote” button is pressed so i threw those in and was planning to cary on with them later, I should really guide them out until I start working on the Colour stuff.