Feedback for Quote Generator please

Hi, if you have time please check mi quote my Random Quote Generator.

Thank you in advance.

Very nice, my project is similar to yours, a “Card Quote”.

You could only change the color font, for better UX design. Maybe the title’s color could be the same of the quote.

Edit: I saw you didnt use an api for quotes. Maybe is better you try to make a quote project with this feature, because API/JSON and those kind of things are very nice to know how to use. Will increase a lot your knowledge.

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Hi Pedro, thank you very much for your feedback, You are right I will change de color of the title font for better readibility.

Your “Card Quote” is amazing, the animation rocks!!!.

I am very new on Javascript, just 15 days since I started the Javascript part of the freecodecamp front-end course, that is the reason I just use the array method, HOWEVER, today I´ve just summited the weather app: and use API/JSON, then probably I will update my quote generator in the future. Before to start the wikipedia challenge I will learn more about JQuery to use it this challenge, becasue the weather API I used just plain Javascript (but it works jeje).

PS: Please sorry for my english. I see you are from Brazil, I´m from Argentina but I´m living in Venezuela. Obrigado amigo.