My Second Project, Survey Form

Hello everyone, I am done with my Survey form, I used the syntax from the sample form, and used the CSS, changed to my colors, I still feel like my CSS skill is weak, and make up too, because I haven’t built many projects from start, have been pretty much been playing with code. Any way, what do you think of this How can I make it better

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Hi, it looks good actually!

Maybe you could try to align the inputs and why not style the button and make it look cooler.

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The input field? How do I align that, also I changed the buttons, looks better, thanks for that!

The inputs and the textarea are aligned actually. I meant the radio buttons and checkboxes aligned with the inputs, so, the content on the right is all aligned you know?

As for how, you’ll have to figure it out eheh! Good luck

Fixed the alignment, changed the background color too


You have done amazing working so far.
You can add some text-shadow and some border.

Don’t be afraid to play around with CSS it a lot of cool things you can do with CSS.
Add your own style to it.

I really like the yellow background. Overall looks really nice. One thing you can add for improvement would be an icon. You can add one in the header or title. This ways it adds a bit more character to your webpage.
Overall though, great work ! :slight_smile: