My solution is correct but the test does not pass (ES6: Use Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables from Objects)

  today: 77.5,
  tomorrow: 79

function getTempOfTmrw(avgTemperatures) {
  "use strict";
  // change code below this line
  const { tomorrow: tempOfTomorrow } = AVG_TEMPERATURES; // change this line
  // change code above this line
  return tempOfTomorrow;

console.log(getTempOfTmrw(AVG_TEMPERATURES)); // should be 79
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I found the issue. Thank you.


Nicely done. Often, when things like this come up, the solution is here in the forums SOMEWHERE. It’s a handy thing to search the forums.

Best of luck!

The code works, so there was a problem with the test. What was the issue?

Not using the function parameters

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