My stock tracker app

Here it is, the stock tracker app.

I know it could be better, but I’m trying to meet the user stories and get the cert done before the beta switch over.

But it works.

If anyone finds any problems, please let me know.

If you have suggestions on how it can be improved, go ahead and let me know - maybe I’ll implement them when I go over the app before adding it to a planned portfolio.

Here is the app and here is the code.

Two more to go!

Wow, that’s actually pretty cool. I like the possibility to download the charts as images or PDF. Very nice work! I like it.

I wish I could take credit for the graphing functionality. It’s all Highcharts.

I started out with Google Charts, but the problem was that they wanted the data as an array of an array of y values or each series. But the data comes as an array of x values. So I was working out the algorithms to get that to work and decided I was doing the API wrong so when I started over. When I rebuilt the API, I looked for a graphing library that would allow me to just push my arrays of data points on. I saw that the example used Highcharts and that was so easy to implement. It just goes to show - you save more time by finding the right tool than trying to make the wrong tool fit.

Thanks for the feedback.

Totally agree. Also, the result is good and functional, that’s the important part.

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