My survey form project- Your critics is very welcome

I just completed my survey form

Please give me your opinion


I am too new to give you a real critique. But I really like the effects on your form, very neat and creative.
The middle section is just a little condensed.

Thank you so much , your feedback has motivated me to go ahead

I recommend you to add some color to the project.
I like the fact that you used icons instead of the regular checkboxes and radio buttons.

Thanks for the suggestion, Can you please recommend a specific color, I learnt a little about colors and their relation with the content but i don’t have solid understanding for it (black for serious, red attract , green restful …etc)

@SalimDev Check this website for color combinations (Click on “Explore” at the top).

I think that the important thing is that whichever colors you use is that you use the same colors throught the page in different areas. Look at a website that has a color scheme that you like and use the same colors.