My Tribute Page - Build a Tribute Page Challenge complete with responsive layout

My Tribute Page - Build a Tribute Page Challenge complete with responsive layout


Hello everyone!

Here is my Tribute Page

It has taken me a bit longer than I had hoped and it feels a bit basic but I have tried to turn it into a basic responsive layout.

If any one has the time I would love some feed back on all aspects, from layout to markup.

Thank you :smile:


A little late, but looks great for the first project.

One small issue… when I click the link at the bottom that says “Click Here” for more information, it opens a blank tab. Other than, I really like the layout, especially the static background at the bottom, and the embedded video.


Hello Guys,

Rory, your tribute page looks great ! By now you must have figured out that for anchor tags you have to add target="_blank" otherwise the link does not open.

I just finished my tribute page challenge. Please visit the link here and let me know what you think. It’s pretty basic.



Hey guys,
I have managed to finish my first FCC project of a Tribute Page.

Thank you for the love by clicking on the heart icon below :slight_smile:


Sorry to everyone for not replying for so long! I’ve been away from the coding scene for a while, but thank you all for taking the time to look at my project. I really appreciate it and thanks for noticing the missing markup!

goodgoof: I did look at your Tribute page previously, however the link you posted does not seem to work now. I remember it being very nice and clean, have you thought about looking into making it more responsive? please post the link if you want any help from a beginner like me!

Chell0: Again, your Tribute page is very clean looking and reads well. I do like how you have got all the mark up in place for when it is used outside of code pen. I gave the heart icon a click for you buddy :smile: Do you have any feedback for mine?

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to look at my work, nice constructive feedback is really appreciated and makes a good community. I’ll be putting my portfolio page up if any one wants to take a look:

Portfolio Page

See the Pen Portfolio Page - Free Code Camp by Rory Martin (@roryrez) on CodePen.


Hello I have finished my tribute page,

Any feedback will be appreciated. thanks



I have finished my first project “My Tribute Page”,
If you find any error…please tell me



Roryhmartin: Hey buddy, your portfolio looks clean and loads faster. I do like the way your projects pop-up while hovering over them. That’s a cool feature. I also realized the About, Portfolio and Contact are not responding which would be really great if they did :smile: In the Contact section you forgot to include the email section for the visitor. Otherwise your page looks GRRREAT! I’m currently working on mine.