My Tribute Page! Cool CSS and jQuery effects added

Hi guys,

Please take a look at my tribute page. I used some nice css effects for the banner and also some reveal jQuery and scroll jQuery.

I did not use script plugins for this. I read up on the code, made sure i understood it and then used it in my project.
I will gladly give feedback on any question, and also, any feedback will be appreciated.:slight_smile:

To view it please click the link below.
My Einstein tribute page


Awesome job dude! One of the best tribute pages I have seen so far!


Thanks so much I appreciate the comment, im uploading it again as i just found a way to do a angled div section.

If you want to check it out open my page again and refresh, the header will have a angled bottom :slight_smile:

Dude this looks great.

Woah, that is really, really good.
Is this your first project?

Thanks so much, glad you like it :slight_smile:


HI there, thanks for the kind words. I have some experience in html but i challenged myself to do stuff I have never done before. Like the image hovers, the jQuery scrolls etc. I had some other stuff with jQuery but just could not get it working.

What i think hels me a lot it the fact that im experience in Design, so i actually design it in photoshop first and then did the html. It’s always good to see what you will be developing. If I just had to code in the dark without a outcome in mind it would had way different results

Nice job! I’m still working on mine. Just wondering what did you use to make this page since you didn’t make a app like it stated in the instructions for the tribute page? is limiting at all?

Hi i used sublime as my code editor and ten uploaded the files to a actual demo domain. I prefer doing doing it from my machine locally and then uploading it to a server. Hope that answers your question .