Tribute Page with a few fun JS things

Hey all,

Just finished my tribute project up…should have finished it earlier, but I’m traveling on vacation…so I procrastinated slightly :slight_smile:. I was originally planning on doing something super simple, but then I kept finding things that looked awesome, or some cool function, and wanted to implement them, so I ended up learning lots!

Two things I can’t figure out:

  • The nav bar is hidden till you scroll down, and is supposed to appear when you scroll past the “his images” word, however the JS doesn’t function like I think it should. The nav bar will appear at different heights above and below that, instead of consistently at the bottom of that word. Any thoughts?

  • Also, when you click on one of the links on the top header page, “the man” for instance, the nav bar will flash when you release the mouse. I’m assuming this has something to do with the JS smooth scrolling effect, but I’m not sure what to do to fix that?

Any feedback at all is much appreciated, and thanks for having a look!


looks really nice and responsive for me, a lot better than my tribute page back then that’s for sure :smiley:

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Pretty cool.You covered a lot of things in your tribute page itself, i wonder how your portfolio might look like.Way to go man!:raised_hands:

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Thanks all, much appreciated!