My Tribute Page - feedback needed

Hi guys, I’m learning Front-end developement on Freecodecamp! And this is my first Basic Front-end project, please check it out for me! Any feedback is appreciated.

I have a question, I use “container-fluid” class for my div element but my img element isn’t responsive. I try to use “img-responsive” class for my img but it was left-aligned. Please answer me.

Hi! What effect do you want to have by using img-responsive? Because if your goal is to make your image shrink or expand depending on the window size, you should use img-fluid instead. If what you want to do is change the alignment though, you should use one of the CSS align properties, like this one.

Some feedback on your site:

Your content looks too squished together. Try reducing the .center-block margins in your css. Or use bootstrap’s grid layout, so the margins look nice on desktop and mobile. If the freeCodeCamp lessons on bootstrap are too confusing, you can try this tutorial on w3schools. That’s what I did before making my tribute page, and it clarified a lot for me. Might help you too.

You got me. I just wanted to change the alignment by adding more space to make my image separate from other sections. I like Material Design, so I tried my best to make my page look like that design. Thanks for your feedback and your help! I’m going to look for more reference about Boostrap and CSS properties!