My tribute page for review

Hi campers!
Here is my first tribute page. I appreciate any advice and feedback. Thanks in advance!
My tribute page

This code is not correct:

<div id="header"><h1 class="text-center">Lang Ping</h1></div>
   <div id="subtitle"><h3 class="text-center"><em>Olympic gold metalist as a player and  a coach</em></h3></div>

Do not use lower levels to decrease heading font size: use the CSS font-size property instead.
Avoid skipping heading levels: always start from <h1>, next use <h2> and so on.,-h2,-h3,-h4,-h5,-and-h6-elements

h1–h6 elements must not be used to markup subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines unless intended to be the heading for a new section or subsection. Instead use the markup patterns in the Common idioms without dedicated elements section of the specification.

Common idioms:

Cheers and happy Coding :slight_smile:

Oh, I never thought of it before. Thank you so much for pointing it out ! It means a lot to me !

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