My tribute page kindly review and leave me a feedback

Hello Everyone,
I have completed my tribute page, the following is a link to the page please visit and looking forward to your contribution. Thank you

Looks pretty good! Try giving some

increase font-size of the text.
increase spaces between each line item.


Thank you for the feedback,I will make changes accordingly.

Hello @PeterNdumba, this is a great submission for a first draft. Well done!

I agree with @shimphillip about the font size and line heights. He gave me the same advice for my project and it helped more than I expected. After reviewing many main-stream websites I realized that hardly anyone uses default line-height for article-type content.

As far as feedback goes, I am rather curious about your decision to use:


If a user is browsing your page on mobile I don’t believe this ever activates as hover actions don’t work on touch-screen devices. A desktop user will see a different site than a mobile user will. Also, a desktop user will see one background while using the site, and another background if they do something like going to their second monitor or their browser bar.

Is this an intentional design choice? I’m curious to find out.

Hello @shadew
Thank you very much for your feedback. About the design, yes it was international, but after reading your feedback and I noticed that you are very correct so I am going to remove the
main:hover{background-color: transparent;}

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