My Tribute Page: Linkin Park

Hi everyone just finished my first project. Want to share it with you and hear some critic and advises :slight_smile:
During the work i had some problems which i didn’t solve:

  1. How to make the same height of the colums in the rows (col-xs-*) ? Didnt find easy methud.
  2. jQuery doesn’t want to work. How i can connect the library?
  3. Why the width of the header is not 100%?
  4. When i make for the body background-attachment: fixed; in CSS, scroll bar at the bottom appears. How to fix it?
    5.Forgot one more. 2000-02 menu doesn’t work properly, when you click on it, it is show text not like others links.
    Thank you for your help. Good luck to everyone!
    Link on Tributr Page :slight_smile:

just wanted to say it looks good and I love Linkin Park!

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Thanks for replay. I grew up with them:guitar: