My Tribute Page | Michael Jakson

Hi guys!
This is my tribute page

check it out My tribute Page

I hope you like it and I am very grateful if any suggestions on my tribute page

thanks guys

Check Out my new version bro…! :point_up:

Hi Brajaomar,

I really enjoyed viewing your Michael Jackson tribute page.

I can’t comment on the HTML and CSS code because I’m still too new to both but I tested your Pen with very narrow and then wide view and the layout/formatting stayed good.

I’m not sure about the colors for the timeline. I think they might be a little too distracting to a reader but that may be just my own preference.

The link to the Michael Jackson Wikipedia page works but it does not go to the English version. You may have intended this to be so or not?

Anyway, from one Michael Jackson fan to another, I hope my comments help and I wish you all the best.

Kind Regards,


hi Greg!

yeah, after I thought the color of the timeline is too intrusive.

about the link, yes I forgot to turn Indonesia into English, because I read the Indonesian version.

thanks for your suggestion Greg

sorry my english languages, too bad

Hello I thought the orange and purple was abrasive, maybe you could rethink the colour scheme? Other than that I think it was excellent. Great job!

thanks for your advice Swoodend… :+1: