My Tribute Page needs a review

Mine was a bit different. I decided to talk about my favorite TV series.
It has been renewed for a 6th season and am so happy.
Please take some and review all aspects of it.
I will be waiting for your feedback.
This is the link:

Look good, simple and neat! very good.

The base layout is responsive, really good. I like the layout of tablet, mobile nad small devices.

You applied caption, for the image, really good, awesome.
But forgot to set the alt (alt is there, but empty) attribute for the image.

Line height is really good, really easy to read the text, very good.

In desktop, you layout(place) the text section into 3 column, I’m not saying it’s bad, but I suggest you go like the way it looks in mobile, and just add some padding to left and right ot bring it in center and with less width(tht’ suggestion)

I like the colour scheme for the page, the primary foreground page is a dark blue (color: hsl( 221, 70%, 25%);), this could be very awesome if you color the links(anchors) in this color too.

you may use following rules to override the default colours of link in your page

a:link{/*for not-visited link anchors*/
color: hsl( 221, 70%, 25%);
a:visited{/*when user already visited the link*/
color: gray;
a:hover{/*when user hover the mouse pointer over the link*/
a:action{/*when user clicks/taps on link*/

Overall I think the design is really good.

Keep goin on great work! Happy programming

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Thank you for such a constructive review.
I will work on it.
Thanks again.

It looks really good. A few tweaks here and there can improve the overall look.

To start off, I don’t really like the opacity of the background color on the header. Any color is great, but it would be nice if you made it a little transparent so that it would attract attention to what is written in the header and eventually, the rest of the page. Or maybe stack different colors on top of one another to create an interesting background. :thinking:

I like the font you chose for the body. The spacing between the words however seems a little much. You can have the reader searching for words, unless he’s a die hard fan of Agents of Shield. Then that wouldn’t be a problem haha. So instead of adding that much spacing, I’d leave it all together and actually add a little spacing for the heading.

I’m on mobile so I can’t give you feedback on how it looks on desktop. But if there are no overflow issues on mobile, I expect it to look as great on desktop.

Keep it up!

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