My tribute page with responsive design

hi everyone
please check my work

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Very well done! I like the colors, perfectly responsive, imo. Great job!

thank you my friend :grinning:

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Anytime! Got a second to look at my Survey form and give a quick feedback?

Nice page like the effect you have on the image. The text is a little difficult to see on the purple background however.

your work is good , it’s responsive if you style #survey-form especially input elements it would look better

The page looks good on my phone as there isn’t a horizontal scroll bar, but whenever I try to scroll down, my screen flashes like my phones trying to hypnotize me. Weird, but I’m sure it’s my phone and code pen :confused:

The only thing I suggest is to maybe not use that color of green. It’s a bit hard to read on top of the purple part of the gradient, but is legible on the beige part. Maybe add some weight to the font and if that’s not a enough, a slight text shadow will help it more.

Thanks. It’s based on Amazon’s style so, I couldn’t stray far. If it was based on something original, I agree. But, was trying to match their aesthetic.

I appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

thank you i changed the color is it good

Oh yeah, the black shows up fine. It’s fine to have a different colored text, especially something that’s opposite on the color wheel. I think it might’ve been the lightness of the green. I learned a lot, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: