Survey Form Success

Survey Page via @CodePen

Check out my survey Form

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@ayeolakenny I suggest you add some of your own styling to the project and some media queries for responsiveness. View mine fcc survey form

You have many useless comments in your html code. You should be using them when there are things that need an explanation as to their purpose, not for simply regurgitating what the html code clearly states. Also with Codepen, you do not directly put the head tag there you instead on pen up settings and put the relevant info there.

Okay bro thanks, I’ll work on that

Ok ill work on the comments, and concerning the head, I did not write my code directly on codepen.

I have modified it, check the responsiveness and give me a feedback. Thanks.

Survey Form via @CodePen

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@ayeolakenny It is looking better. In desktop mode some items are centered and some are not.
How about adding a fancy font to the form?

alright thanks ill work on that

that is a good form for a start.
if you are still trying to make it better, check out one of mine and try to update yours.
kindly, please do not plaigerize it.

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You sent the link for a product landing page and not a survey page :grin:

Oh, yes. that was part of my product page. my first form was really bad, so I sent it on purpose.