My Tribute Project..Ta Da!

Here is my tribute project on the late Terry Pratchett. I think it is just the beginning, want to go in and add more graphics at some point. Also wish I hadn’t followed the example so closely, wish I got more creative. Will go in and redesign at some point.

It was weird, in the video it said that he only used bootstrap to create the example, but that wasn’t an official rule. Used a lot of CSS.

Let me know what you think.

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oooh pretty. nice work. :thumbsup:
Smiling ape link Isnt working for me thou.

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Yeah, just realized that. Forgot a >. Fixed now.

The weird thing is in Codepen you can click anywhere on the bottom of the page, but when I tested it in Chrome and IE it works fine.

And thank you!

Good work on your Tribute Page, @tecjohnson.

I actually haven’t made it this far in FCC yet (I’m just beginning to learn jQuery), but I love seeing what everyone else has done for their early projects. Viewed your page in Firefox on my laptop and it looked great, if that helps.

Happy coding!

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