Terry Pratchett - Tribute - looking for feedback


I would love if someone took some minutes to check my tribute page and give some feedback. I tried to stay away from bootstrap for this first project, to make sure I understood what is going on.

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance,

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Keeping in the spirit of not using bootstrap, I’d widen the main-content class to 80% (the body gets really wonky to read and the picture gets really tiny at smaller viewport widths. Also, your main quote from death hangs over the box at smaller widths too: I’d change it’s font size to 2.75rem, and last take the h1 size up just a little bit to 3.25rem.

Aside from those tweaks it looks really good. But I’d still recommend refactoring it to use Bootstrap now that you know what is going on with simple HTML/CSS. This is a way simpler page than your portfolio is likely to be so it’d be good practice.

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I would size down the quote font-size down a little bit.

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On the whole, it looks pretty good! :slight_smile:

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I would master this page for years. Everything about Pratchett is worth preservation, “Going Postal” says a lot about FCC and similar phenomenas
.Formally, I’m more into Aww/Minimalist approach to styling so can’t say much about the structure or performance - it’s responsive, my Chrome doesn’t complain. Please keep this project in development, it’s nice to know that it exists