My tutorial reset to lesson one while I was logged in and working

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Hi – My tutorial reset to the beginning.

While I’m working on challenges, occasionally the page skews a bit so I can’t see/access parts around the perimeter, usually the far left. I’ve tried zoom and making sure it’s full screen but so far haven’t found any solution but closing the page and reopening from freeCodeCamp Login, which usually reopens the same page immediately, including my coding changes. I’ve done this a couple of dozen times without a problem.

Today the page skewed (for lack of a better word) again in the middle of a challenge, but instead of jumping to my current location, I’m back to Hello, so to speak: Lesson one. I’m at 78 without having done anything but code so far, to give you an idea how much I’d rather not start over. I’m new here and really on a roll! Or was. Help? Thanks!

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<h1>Hello World</h1>

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Never mind – I figured out how to fix it under Maps. Thanks anyway!