Serious issues in the interface

I am using the latest version of firefox and every single time I complete a portion of the challenges it loads the next page, but then in the code window is messed up. It is sized beyond the bottom of the page, I can’t click all the way to the end of lines and edit them. A change and window size fixes it, but then it happens immediately again upon going on to the next step. It is pretty annoying to be trying to write code in your window and have it keep needing to be resized.

I haven’t opened the console to try and debug the code and try and figure out what is broken; I could I suppose. I would prefer not to be forced into using another browser. I mean that pretty much goes against everything I have learned during my limited time doing webdev anyway, code should work in pretty much all modern browsers.

Interestingly these issues stopped after the initial cat app portion and have stopped occurring. Another note is that the notice box about the forums pops up after every single completion of a step for me. Regardless of if I have followed the link or not.

So all of the following had issues for me

Say Hello
to HTML Elements

with the h2 Element

with the Paragraph Element


out HTML

Fill in
the Blank with Placeholder Text

HTML Elements

Change the
Color of Text

Selectors to Style Elements

Use a CSS
Class to Style an Element

Multiple Elements with a CSS Class

the Font Size of an Element

Set the
Font Family of an Element

Import a
Google Font

How Fonts Should Degrade

Add Images
to your Website

Size your

Borders Around your Elements

Rounded Corners with a Border Radius

Circular Images with a Border Radius

Link to
External Pages with Anchor Elements

Nest an
Anchor Element within a Paragraph

Make Dead
Links using the Hash Symbol

Turn an
Image into a Link

Add Alt
Text to an Image for Accessibility

Create a
Bulleted Unordered List

Create an
Ordered List

Create a
Text Field

Placeholder Text to a Text Field

Create a
Form Element

Add a
Submit Button to a Form

to Require a Field

Create a
Set of Radio Buttons

Create a
Set of Checkboxes

Radio Buttons and Checkboxes by Default

Many Elements within a Single Div Element

Give a
Background Color to a Div Element

Set the ID
of an Element

Use an ID
Attribute to Style an Element

This is a snip of my screen on the lessons with a problem:

This is a snip of my screen on the lessons where there is no issue:

Notice that the code window in the one without issues has no scroll bar and the one with issues has a scroll. Now this could be because it isn’t long enough yet and the problem may resurface.