[CLOSED]Cannot scroll down to view green button to complete the challenge, or any text that needs to be scrolled down to see. (Scroll function broken for challenges column on Firefox)

I just started the “Basic JavaScript: Comment Your JavaScript Code” challenge. When viewing the left window(that contains the challenge instructions in it) in fullscreen mode I cant see the entire challenge. \

I guess what I am reporting here is that, there is no scrollbar were i can scroll up and down the left challenges window to view the paragraphs explaining the challenges that are at the bottom of the screen. It is not suppose to be that way because the “test output” window(at the bottom right) has a working scroll bar.

I dont know how to fix the issue(my coding skills are not there yet…it just needs a scrollbar though or at least the ability to scroll up and down the challenge window somehow) but i figured i would report it just as well, because i thought it is a little weird to have scrolling functionality in the output window but not the challenges one. Either way great work on updating the curriculum everyone. You are all truly changing lives for the better!

EDIT: It actually is a problem because i CANNOT click the green SUBMIT CHALLENGES button to complete the challenge not even if I am on full screen OR if i try to adjust the width of the challenges window(left window). Arrow keys will not move the screen down and there is no scrollbar so i can scroll to the bottom of the page where the green submit button is or where the last paragraph of the challenges are. I cannot move past the 1st js challenge because dont know how to submit the challenges without pressing the green button.

Browser: firefox (desktop and mobile)
OS: Linux Mint

Also I barely managed to click the green button on the challenge i reported above. But the challenge after that has the same issue except i cannot see the green submit button at all. Please help or advice…does anyone else have this problem? This is preventing me from completing my challenges, its my first day back.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu2cpFSKAcs

I’m backing this one. Scroll is unresponsive, cannot view any lesson description nor instructions, nor buttons to submit, help, ect. Other sections scroll just fine.

Firefox 60.0.1 and 61.0
Linux Solus

EDIT: Works fine on Chrome but that’s a bummer. Don’t use it really.


Looks like this one is isolated to firefox https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/learn/issues/153

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The strange thing is that it used to work perfectly fine until something has caused this bug or something out of the blue. One minute I could navigate properly every single challenge and the next it just happened.

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Yea I will definitely install chrome just to use freecodecamp(I just tried fcc in my chrome mobile app and fcc is flawless there). I think i need to get more ram for this dell inspiron 6400 though, im afraid to run 2 browsers at once i think i have like 2gb ram on this thing lol…oh well here goes nothing.

I have the same problem with firefox. It is really annoying because I don’t like chrome at all. It have a little of lag in the responsiveness compared to firefox without telling all the bloatware chrome have with google services. I think I will use chromium, opera or vivaldi instead but I will try chromium because is opensource at least. I hope bitwarden extension works well on chromium as it did in Firefox.

Please! Fix it ASAP, I love my FF! T-T


This happens to me in Firefox too, it was fine until the other night when they shut down the site for some maintenance, then once it reopened the scrolling issue started. I’ve now switched to chrome for the time being.

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I’m on linux mint I do not think I can switch to Chrome.

I kinda miss the old drop down nav, i am growing to like the drag and drop columns(less on mobile and mor for columns), but i love the new curriculum cant wait to dive into js once this bug is done…i wish there was more i could do.

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It seems it was fixed. I can scroll again! Thanks FCC Team!

But after this experience using chromium, I realized how ugly and simplified is chrome and chrome based web browsers. Pretty NASTY! I couldn’t even put a bookmark button at all and to install extension it was a real nightmare compared to Firefox.

Chrome would be the popular web browser but it not for me because I don’t nearly surf as plain people do, I need to optimize my web browser and in customization FF wins to Chrome. I rather use opera or Vivaldi though but It stops me that is closed source.

Cheers! and congrats to the awesome team of Developers that FCC have and I hope I can be as fast and talented as you, guys!

P.D.: I’m using Firefox 61, so I don’t know if the problem was fixed to older versions…

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FIXED: Thanks love you all, I was just checkin if i could figure out how to solve it but it’s already fixed. Thanks again keep up the good work everyone :smiley:

Let’s see how long it takes me to learn js now, job offers have been streaming in on Linkedin and the jobs on upwork looks easier every single day.

Thank you freeCodeCamp

I hear Chrome is fantastic for we development. I only use Firefox as well though.