My viewer

Just finished it - would love to hear what you think!
I’m guessing Twitch is probably more about online multiplayer games than Super Mario, but I couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:

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This looks great! I love how easy it is to use, and the background is great :wink: The entire page and graphic design is amazing!

Thanks a lot Hannahgram! :slight_smile:

I love it! I see some advanced stuff in CSS (media queries) and in JS (it took me a while to understand what you did). I see you hide all channels when filtering, this would solve a small animation issue in my project, I’ll borrow the idea if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Go for it! I had some issues at first as well, I was only hiding the ‘other’ parts but that didn’t look very good at all.

For the last few projects I’ve been trying to use an object-oriented approach, to learn about that. And I’m doing a Udacity course (this one, highly recommended!) that introduces MVC concepts and better code organization.

I’m gettin better with objects but the MVC approach still very much eludes me!

Yay, I will include credit for inspiration then :wink:
That course seems to be a serious level-up for my knowledge, I’ll try it for sure!