Viewer - That one was hard

This challenge really sucked ass with that artificial difficulty from the recached API and the fact that there are
no imports and exports on CodePen. This could have really been easier :sweat_smile: Anyway, I finally made it.

You can checkout my Viewer under Viewer

and if you want, give me feedback or insult my design :wink:

Thx anyway, just needed to rant a bit about that challenge :wink:

Great work :wink:
I would create a little bit more contrast between the background image and the main container, what do you think ?

I think youโ€™re right, but I have to admit that I really suck at css, so this always takes me a huge amount of time :sweat_smile:

I wil try it :wink:

Great job, that looks nice and functions well! Your code was really fascinating. I donโ€™t understand most of it as Iโ€™m a beginner, but I thought it was really interesting how you had a render function take care of most all the display, and only one line of html. One modification to consider is making each row clickable on hover vs. needing to click on the name. Inspiring work!

Thx, I used โ€œReactโ€, a JavaScript Library, for it. It makes building interfaces really intuitive, way better then jQuery in my opinion.

There are some concepts like state which seem hard in the beginning, but it is really worth learning.

A link, in case youโ€™re interested in learning React.

Edit: Spelling


Thanks! I definitely need to learn React, itโ€™s a front-runner on the list of to-doโ€™s.