My Voting App and my little review

I’ve just finished to deploy my voting app after about 2 weeks of work :frowning: it should works well.

This app was built in MERN stack. It uses: MongoDB, Node, Express, React, React Router, Redux, Socket.IO, Material-UI and Google Charts. The UI can be used on mobile ( it’s main target ), tablet and desktop.

Link to Heroku App

Link to GitHub Repository

Is important in special way this section: It’s a bug? No it’s a feature!

I’ve get a bit of fun making this project and I go to tell why:

  • Implement an authorization system without cookie
  • Real time update with Socket.IO
  • Gulp! Finally I’ve decided to learn this “thing” to automatize my build process, really great… ( One question: How can I kill the damned node/babel-node process?! Now I use killall node nodejs )
  • I’ve tried Material-UI… nice, but I think it’s a bit immature…

I will appreciate any comments or review!

Note As always, sorry for my english… I’m trying to learn it better :wink:


Well, I can’t really comment on the code. But it looks great and it works smoothly with the material design/animations. Also real time feature is super nice.

So, the only thing I can say, is that you have done a fantastic job!

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Oh, thank you so much! :heart_decoration:

I fight sometimes with the “isomorphic” version on server side with store init… but it works :smiley:

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