My weather app broke!

Hello fellow campers! I’m back in the swing of things and coding again. I initially finished this app sometime last year but it no longer works… It no longer displays the info being pulled from the OpenWeather API. I’ve gotten a new API key and put it in my jQuery and followed the link, it should be working as intended… I’m reading through my code and can’t seem to find what went wrong other than something changed with how the API works.

Any help is appreciated!

If you check your browser’s console, you will see a Mixed Content error. Codpen is served over https: You are trying to access apis over http: and this is not possible now. For the openweather api, it is as simple as adding an “s” to then http, but you will need to find another api for the ip address, because they do not have a secure version served over https.

aha! I figured out a temporary solution for now, looks like it works now except location seems way off… Thanks!