My work is gone! (Although my progress, fortunately, is still there)

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Well, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one having this issue…


I also tried this with the HTML5 elements page, which also didn’t save my work.


Welcome! I hope it helps!


I might quit this for now, and work on something in CodePen. I’ll be back tomorrow to see if stuff’s working better.

Sounds like a good idea. To be honest, once I heard that the new update was coming out (a little over a year ago) I stopped work on most freeCodeCamp stuff until I knew things were settled down.

My progress is there, but the code is not the same. Also, don’t seem to have settings for my account anymore.

The settings page is accessed from the top-right corner. If the settings that you are talking about is the dark theme, that just hasn’t been implemented yet.

Ok, got it. In Firefox, there is no settings box at all, in Chrome there is, but my name is actually just a long list of numbers and letters and won’t let me change back to my name. Last night I could get to most of my work, tonight I can’t get to any.

Two questions: why am I asked to check my email for a code whenever I try to sign in, and will I be able to use this platform at all with Chrome 49, or Firefox 48? Thanks.

If you’re accessing via, then there is a Settings button. If you’re accessing via, you’ll see your avatar instead. Both point to the settings page.
FCC now uses passwordless authentication. You’ll need to enter your email, a code will be sent to your inbox, submit that code to login.
I believe if you don’t use private/incognito mode, or clear your browser cache, then you’ll stay logged in. Otherwise, you’ll have to do the authentication steps everytime you access the page.
For browser compatibility, I’d suggest using the latest version, but I think those versions would be fine as FCC is quite friendly with Chrome and Firefox.

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I would recommend updating your browsers. Not only is it a significant security concern, but web programming evolves very quickly and older versions do not support all of the newer features. You would likely experience some differences from the intended experience and some parts of FCC may not work at all.

Yeah, this is not true unfortunately.

While our progress has remained, the solutions (our codes and every note we wrote to figure out how we came up with those solutions) are gone. Only a few ‘solutions’ are clickable, even through the curriculum. Clicking those solutions brings website errors and takes us to a red wall of text.

This is another link about this, in the general section:

There is a note that states that they are working on a method to allow us to download all our code previously stored in Cross fingers it comes soon. Until then, probably just watch youtube videos.

Your solutions are still associated with your account. They are not yet accessible to the UI the way that they are intended to be.

But are our challenge solutions still being saved to the FCC’s servers?

Every time I finish a challenge, there is the option to download my solution. Should I download it? Or is it better to wait for the solutions to be available through the UI?

My comment above is out of date. As the number of lessons and the number of student accounts have increased dramatically, FCC no longer saves all solutions to all challenges. Only those challenges that are marked as projects are saved. If you want to keep your solutions, you should save your own copies.