myVar = myVar++ doesn't return the same value as myVar = myVar + 1?

In Increment a Number with JavaScript, myVar = myVar++ doesn’t return the same value as myVar = myVar+ 1.

Even though how humans understand it, it is equivalent. Could anyone explain to me why that is?

I know I just have to write myVar++.

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They are completely different expressions.

myVar++ is a shorthand way to write myVar = myVar + 1 or myVar += 1. It says ‘add one to the current value of myVar’.

Calling myVar = myVar++ gets into the difference between prefix and postfix notation and is best avoided. That says, ‘get the current value of myVar, increment the value of myVar, then set myVar equal to the old value of myVar’.

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That’s hilarious. Thankyou LOL

Read more about prefix vs postfix here:

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