Name = input ("enter your name: ") print("Athi") age = input ("enter your age") print("33") print("Hello World!")

Dropbox Capture I am trying to run this code and this is the results I’m doing please help

I am not sure whats wrong but from looking at the traceback it looks like the code you were running is not the same as the code in your file.




are not the same thing. The first one is trying to print variable Athi and Athi has not been declared as a variable. The second is printing the string literal “Athi”.

Also, why have the input to store name if your not going to print (name)?

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Why are you restarting it over and over? The way input works is after that line of code is read its waiting for you to type in a value. For example when it says enter your name type in your name and hit enter. Then i will read the next line of code.

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