Problems with this python code

import random as ra
age=input( " how old are you  ")
name = input(" what is your name")
print( "Your name is " +name, "you are " +age, "years old")

for i in range (0, 30):
  a = ra.randrange(100) 
  b = ra.randrange(100) 
  c = a + b
  print( " what is the sum of " , a, 'and',b)
  number = int(input( "please enter the sum"))
  if number==c:
    print(" You are correct "+name)
    print( " Please try again "+name)

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Hi @jindal25
The code seems to work pretty fine without any error.
Can you please be more specific about what problems you are facing with the python code?

The code works but I assume you would like to try again and again until the result is OK then break:

In that case I propose to try:

while number != c:
      print( " Please try again "+name)
      number = int(input( "please enter the sum"))
      print(" You are correct "+name)

after your:

number = int(input( "please enter the sum"))

thanks guys … it helped a lot.

Are there any good tutorials which help in learning python with lots of examples ?


have you tried the freecodecamp curriculum?

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