Nav bar affecting following lists (want unordered list to be independent)

Hello, this is my first post on fCC. I am currently working on my portfolio project and am stuck. My nav bar is affecting an unordered list later in the page. I am wondering how to make unordered lists independent of the nav bar/previous coding.

Thanks a bunch!


Could you post your project here?

Hi there and thanks the reply. When I made an unordered list later in the page after the nav tab, it appears to try to look like another black nav bar. I just wanted a bulleted list.


Let me see if I understand your issue.

When you target an unordered list in CSS the style you specify is applied on all unordered lists.

ul { 
/* applied on all unordered lists */


In order to style a particular unordered list, you can apply a class on it and style the element by targeting the class instead of the more general element.

What you need to keep in mind is

  1. include the class declaration in the HTML

    <ul class="navigation-bar>
  2. Target the class by using its name preceded by a dot .

    .navigation-bar { 
    /* style applied to only the elements of class navigation-bar*/

Hope this is somehow related to what you were searching.

Thank you for your help. That helped a lot!

Glad to be of assistance :slight_smile: