Nav Bar, Margins, and Anchors

I have decided to use the “KISS” principle on my portfolio, for now, so that I can move on to the JavaScript challenges and, as one of you suggested, come back to the portfolio when I have a few more skills. So, I am trying to just get it to meet the requirements of the user story. It scrolls. There is a nav bar. It will jump to the sections listed in the nav bar. The gallery and outside links will come later. But…. before I go on to them, I have 2 problems with what I do have so far. The biggest one first…

When I use the nav bar to jump to a section, the first 2 lines of the text are hidden under the nav bar! How do I get it to jump to the right place. It seems to be a margin problem… but I could be wrong.

And, the little problem, perhaps related to the big one… My nav bar doesn’t quite reach the left margin. How do I close that little gap?

I want all of this to be “responsive” when done.

My Portfolio


P.S. Now, I’ll go “pay my dues” and see if I can help or encourage other campers!

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‘jump to the right place’

I can provide javascript code if u want to mix all in
but interested in can be this solved only with css

Thanks. I’ll wait and see what comes along. I hope to find out how to do it without JS. So far, no one has offered any ideas. I’ll just keep working on other parts. If I finish without fixing it and post it then, I’ll bet there will be folks with ideas of how to fix it!


try with aboutMe

i didn’t do for every one
but principe is this
create a tag and div below it
set to this div height 50px ( or how much u desire )
and this will make gap