Navigation trails and mindmap menus

Hi, feels good to be a member of this community. My challenge is the typical where to start? I am interested in using visual mindmap as navigation tool on a website, together with a visual trail. Are there any sample websites of what has been done so far in this area? Any ongoing projects? and of course, where to start when it comes to coding, i.e. which coding tools are a best match for the envisaged application?

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I can offer some starter stubs for research. I’m kinda interested in a couple things along these lines too. Apologize if I mention things you’ve already heard.

So there’s …

“Graph Visulization” which is like mindmapping on steroids! Gephi is a pretty cool open source program for this.

And there’s “d3.js” which is a javascript library for it.

then there’s “Infographic” which is kinda cool.

Interesting topic. I hope some others chime in. I’d love to see what gets said.

I am interested in doing this to. Can we raise this thread from the dead?