What do you use to mind map your web development ideas

When doing my project here, I felt the need to draw the idea on paper first. However, I felt that there might be some tools for this that I can use on the computer that I am not aware of. As a developer, what do you use?

I’m a pen-and-paper kinda guy as well… I almost always sketch out an idea before putting code to screen… sadly this means I can’t really recommend a good software for it… hopefully someone else can chime in.

As kinome79 said, sometimes pen and paper is just the right ticket to sketching out your ideas. At other times, something like Figma can help you see your designs come to life before there is anything on the page.

I also like to write out my goals and then even split those goals into micro-goals. It’s satisfying to achieve micro-goals, and before you know it, you have macro results. Write out something you want to achieve, and then write out what steps you think it would take to get there. Expand on those steps as much as you need to. And then just start working on them. No one really cares what stack your application, service, API, etc. was made in as long as it works correctly and efficiently.

Good luck!

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Yes. I just drew blocks of what the website could look like. I found it more comfortable and faster, but I may try the other things like the AI mentioned.

yeah. I am still used to pen and paper. But I will try Figma out since you have mentioned it. Writing goals down have helped me in the past. I had read Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan and that helped me see previous goals clearly as I was able to write them down. Yeah, I will start writing my goals down more. I have a nice audio book about self-discipline that talked about how writing your goals down keeps you on track. I plan on going throught the book soon to help keep me on track in this program.

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That will surely help you. Just remember to set small goals that you can attain quickly that will lead to your larger goals and to the overall goal. It’s not a race, my friend; it’s all a journey. Good luck!

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I’m more of a pen and paper kind of guy because you can create many variables and create different designs quicker

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