Need app to use in my BSc Thesis

Hello All,

My name is Tomasz Lach and I am the student of the last years of IT at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.
My BSc Thesis is about writing test cases and automating them with Selenium Webdriver for a chosen application. Finish of my studies is planned for June 2018.

I thought about using an open source application, as there should be no legal restriction.
Could you please tell me, if there is any application, which can be used as a base for my thesis?.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,

Tomasz Lach

Have you checked out it shows some test cases of Selenium of how Wikia used Selenium. From what I understand their code is open source.

Hi, maybe I was not clear.
I know how to write test cases and how to automate.
The problem is that I need application, for which I may design test cases and write Selenium tests.
Problem with commercial applications is that there may be a need to put some pieces of code in the thesis, and thesis is available publicly. This results in situations, where private companies are not very eager to give their apps.

My friend suggested me, that as freecodecamp is a place where many opensource apps are written, I may ask somebody from here to use their app as a basis for my thesis, in exchange for my skills and my work.

There’s a lot of projects here on the forums. You can check the Project Feedback section. Is there any reason why you can’t just go onto Github and fork any one of the repos there?

Free Code Camp itself is an open source web application, so you could fork it. There’s also the various Open Source For Good repos.

I don’t know what your criteria are for the application you will be writing tests for. I would assume that you want something fairly complex or containing specific behaviours that you want to leverage Selenium against. You can look at the more advanced projects done by Free Code Camp members and if you find one that matches your needs contact the developer. To see what those applications would be you can look at the project sections here: