Need explanation

i need explanation about the code below in CSS ----

section > nav { background-color: darkgray; }

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section > nav

That’s a selector, it means that “these rules will apply to all nav elements that are inside section elements”.
The rest are the “rules”, turning the background of every “nav” element that sits inside a “section” element, darkgrey.

Here’s what a nav element inside a section element looks like:

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“>” selector is for styling every nav element’s that is a direct child of the section element. If you want to style nav you can simply do it like this. section nav { background-color: darkgray; }


To be precise that rule “section > nav” means a nav element that is a child element of section - it’s not enough that it is inside a section element.

The nav -element may be inside a section -element but deeper in the DOM -structure like this and then you need a descendant selector

    <nav> ... </nav> <!-- this is a **child** of section -->
       <nav> ... </nav> <!-- this is a **descendant** of section, not child -->

As CSS selectors you can select all descendant elements by chaining element names in a selector

section nav { } <-- this rule selects all nav elements inside a section element
section > nav  <-- this rule selects only nav elements that are direct child elements of section

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