Need guidance on how to organize thumbnails w/links

Hi! I am very new to this. I am working on the Personal Profile challenge and have hit a brick wall in the projects section. I simply want to know how to approach placing the thumbnail/link? Do I use Flexbox or Grid…or something else? Thanks!

That absolutely depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Do you have a codepen or similar with the current status of your project?

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Hey @lyndajoncaf!

I personally used flexbox for the portfolio project.
Here is my project if you want to see how I used flexbox.

But you can use grid as well. It’s up to you.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you! I’m thinking flexbox would be better because I can just organize my project tiles into one row. Then again, I’m still not sure of much of what I am talking about lol. I’m a musician too, flute performance. :smiley:

I know I am likely making this harder than it is. Your project looks great, thanks for the link. I will study the flexbox section and see if it helps me see what I have been missing.

Thanks again!

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Hi! Yes, I have the project in codepen but it is a mess right now from my playing around with it trying to fix the issue. I’m trying my best to not use other examples where possible so I was revisiting the sections on fcc. I just wanted some direction as to whether I should focus on flexbox or grid. I’m just trying to link my four projects into the challenge with a thumbnail/link for each.

Thanks for responding!

This helped alot! You have definitely pointed me in the right direction. Very straighforward and easy to follow. Thanks so much.

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